Introducing the Selectron TDS (Threat Detection Solution) – The new Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for the railway industry

New and smart transportation and mobility solutions are enhanced by automation, digitalization and connectivity. Alongside improvements in operations, the increased exposure to railway networks from the ever-growing risk of cyber threats must also be considered.

We at Selectron are dedicated to automating and securing trains today, enabling a smarter and safer mobility tomorrow – because security and safety go hand in hand.

As one of the leading providers of train automation solutions, we are addressing the unique cybersecurity challenges in the rail industry. This involves supporting our customers and partners in building and strengthening their cyber defense shield with a new railway industry-specific intrusion detection system (IDS).


We are excited to announce our new threat detection solution – The Selectron TDS.


The Selectron TDS is a crucial element of detection and protection against cyberattacks: Detecting threats, reducing security vulnerabilities and achieving maximum protection.

The Selectron TDS is a standalone certified solution for new and legacy fleets using CAN, MVB and Ethernet protocols. The threat detection solution requires a simple installation with plug and play sensors.

Furthermore, the Selectron TDS is conceived according to IEC 62443 standards, following a defense in depth concept and can be supplemented with other Selectron cybersecurity solutions.

The Selectron TDS achieves a more secure operation of fleets and compliance with regulations, such as the EU NIST Directive for Threat Monitoring and Incident Management.

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Read more about it in our TDS flyer: Download here.


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