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Newest monorail system in Brazil: São Paulo’s Silver Line 15

Bombardier Monorail: São Paulo's Silver Line 15zoom

Photo: Edson Lopes Jr. government of the State of São Paulo

Four bi-directional Bombardier INNOVIA 300 monorail trains started circulating on the first 2.9 kilometer section of the tracks in the City of São Paulo. The 27 kilometer automated line, which will be completed in several phases until 2015, will boast the world’s largest and highest capacity monorail in the world, moving 48'000 passengers an hour in each direction.
After completion of the final project phase, 54 seven-car trains (378 cars in total) will be operating between Vila Prudente and Tiradentes. The cars are designed with CITYFLO 650 automatic train control technology for driverless operation.


These monorail cars contain Selectron Train Control and Monitoring Systems (TCMS) with fully redundant vehicle control units of the modular Selectron MAS 83x series. A train network allows efficient control/monitoring data communication between all vehicles.
Engineering, design, manufacturing and testing of the first monorail vehicles took place at Bombardier’s site in Kingston, Canada. Subsequent cars were and are built in Brazil at the Bombardier Hortolândia plant.


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