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2014 – The Year of Change for Selectron

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2014 was a great year for Selectron. Many large projects were completed; our objectives in terms of financial indicators were achieved; a sales growth of 10% was recorded, enabling us to continue to invest in staff development. Selectron now employs 110 people worldwide.

Of course, design preparations with new owners, Knorr Bremse, played a major role. The possible common strategies were discussed in advance.


The purchase contract was signed on 19 December 2014, which then required ratification by the European monopolies authorities; finalization was made on 24 February 2015.
The possibilities for us here at Selectron – and therefore for our clients – are incredible (see also Article "Selectron in the train market"). A stronger worldwide market presence is expected – integration of subsystems into complete control systems is further simplified.
Selectron's basic structure should remain. It has been agreed that our headquarters, management and development of the overall product portfolio all be kept in its current form – continuity for you as our customer, therefore, is ensured.

A crucially important project for Selectron, namely completion of the new Smartio® product family, was achieved. These new products are since October 2014 in use on the FLIRT3, Serbia vehicle from Stadler Rail. This new range will be expanded in the future with further modules.

"Safe control technology" has continued to be invested in. New SIL modules, as well as a certified secure operating system, are nearing completion.

InnoTrans 2014 was a real highlight. It was here that links to promising new potential customers were established and existing contacts maintained. It was clear to see that Selectron enjoys a high customer confidence in the field of control engineering but it remains important to continue to strengthen this confidence. Together with the Knorr Bremse Group – this will certainly succeed!


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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