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Certification of the Safety Operating System, MOS – Version 710

The first certificate for the operating system of the safety relevant modules was already presented at InnoTrans 2012 and, at that time, was issued for the following software and hardware:

  • CPU 835-T / SIL with the software MOS83x V700.A5BC with PXRHOS-HR V6.1.1.2
  • DDT-735 Tx / SIL
  • PSM 835-Tx

The current certificate is valid until 2018, but includes neither the newly developed hardware modules nor the safe communication "SafetyCom®". In cooperation with TÜV Nord, the new operating system MOS 83x V710 is currently certified according to EN 61508 Parts 1–3 and EN 50128, SIL2.

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In the operating system of the latest version, there are many new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Here is a summary of the most important components for the new MOS V710:

  • SafetyCom® – the protocol for safety-related communication between safety-related devices
  • Support of various new modules:
    o  Support of the Smartio® product family
    o  MVB bus administrator module, type MVB 831-T
    o  Profinet interface connection, type PNI 831-T
    o  Temperature sensing module, type AIT 73x-T/xTC
    o  Secure digital input module with 24 channels, type DIT 735-Tx/SIL
    o  Output module, type DOT 732-TW

  • Integration of:
    o  CANopen master functionality
    o  CANopen slave functionality
    o  FTP client
    o  SNTP client
    o  TOP1131 data logger is supported
    o  Concerto data logger integrated in MOS

A positive decision on certification is expected shortly.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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