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New Compiler Licensing Model

For the installation of a compiler (a part of the operating system of our MAS 83x/Tx control’s MOS – "Module Operating System"), a new procedure has been defined with immediate effect. As from version MOS V710, a license key must be used.

The compiler is a software component from an external supplier. Due to a newly introduced licensing model from this supplier, the compiler requires a one-time activation with the license key when installing.

The license key can be ordered immediately from Selectron under the following article number:
Symphony MOS License, Art. Nr. 44210214


  • The license key is "Nodelocked", meaning that a license is required for each developer-computer and has no time limit for the particular compiler version.
  • Installation of the compiler is carried out together with the MOS installation; not every new MOS version includes a new compiler version.
  • For one-time license key authentication, an internet connection is required. If there is no internet connection available then a 30-day trial license is activated automatically.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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