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Selectron in the Train Market

With an average 14 % annual growth in the last six years and more than 20 % of our sales dedicated to R&D – the development of new solutions – we have been working hard on our customers' satisfaction. Worldwide presence has been also our goal; we have operated for nine years in China, three years in India – supporting our customers in most spoken languages of the world.

In this fast-moving globalised world, this was not enough to secure over the long term. The market trends towards more information to be monitored on-board trains, tougher certification processes at the network operator’s level, and demand for lower life cycle costs of trains are pushing for even more innovation and integration. Significant merges were already implemented around us, targeting complete solutions for machine builders.

The contract signing between Knorr-Bremse AG and Selectron Systems AGzoom

Vertragsunterzeichnung zwischen der Knorr-Bremse AG und Selectron Systems AG

Trying to combine our means with similar size companies would have been a long and difficult process, and could lead us to miss the trends… and the train of key innovations. We found by Knorr Bremse a similar vision and a "good fit" for the future of our customers. On 24 February, Knorr Bremse acquired 100 % of Selectron’s shares, with full support of the employees.


Both companies share a culture of quality and are active in the world of safety. The teams have a complementary know-how in mechanics and pneumatics on the one side, as well as electronics and software on the other – every innovation results from the combination of this know-how.

Both companies are also aware that differences in size call for different operating modes, which are both successful. A joint strategy has been made to grant Selectron an appropriate level of autonomy. The Selectron brand, operating mode, and organisation will be maintained; synergies will operate where it brings value to the customers.

Agility and empathy are key values for Selectron and we understand that we have to improve our "Time to Market." This will be our corporate improvement project this year, 2015.

I hope you can appreciate this vision for these next steps towards our future, and I remain at your disposal for any further explanation.

Sincerely yours

E. Hannart, CEO, Selectron Systems AG


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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