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Selectron Ski Weekend 2015

Lauchernalp in Lötschental (Canton Valais)zoom

The annual Selectron Ski Weekend was held on 7–8 February 2015. Like the last two years, we headed off on the Saturday to Lauchernalp in Lötschental (Canton Valais). After having deposited our things in the hut, we rushed for the piste – a must in such beautiful weather.


We took the chair lift up to the top of the ridge where we were met by a "Tschäggäta" (Walliser carnival figure) greeting us with his evil eyes.
The piste conditions were perfect for making long curves in the well-prepared slopes. As soon as our legs were tired, some of us went back to the cabin to relax for a bit, while others were enjoyed some après-ski. In the evening, we had a delicious fondue supper to strengthen us up for the next day. We then played, chatted, and messed around until, one-by-one, the skiers left in order to slide into their warm sleeping bags.

"Tschäggäta" (Walliser carnival figure)zoom

On Sunday, the sun's rays softly woke us from our sleep. Some of us ate a comfortable breakfast, while others fully exploited the morning – directly dashing off to the pistes. It was certainly sunny, but blustery and bitterly cold; the higher we went up the chairlift, the colder it got. Once at the top, a frosty wind whistled around the ears so, in order to escape the cold, many made themselves cozy in the warm restaurant.


In the afternoon, we could still enjoy the sun's rays while another great ski weekend slowly came to a close.


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