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Tool TTCMP - Network Designer: "Configure the Network, not the Switch"

TTCMP – the acronym for "Train Topology and Configuration Management Protocol" – is a protocol having as its main task topology discovery and distribution of switch configurations in a comprehensive Ethernet network.
The TTCMP Network Designer is an easy-to-use configuration tool. Individual devices are not taken into account, but rather the vehicle network ("consist network") as a whole. TTCMP simplifies the installation and maintenance of Ethernet consist networks in a rail vehicle.

The user does not have to painstakingly configure individually each switch installed in the train via a web interface. Through the software tool, "TTCMP Network Designer", the entire network with the devices and their properties is preconfigured offline on the PC and then loaded onto the device from an exported project file. Subsequently, the configuration is automatically distributed to all other nodes (switches). Finally, the configuration is distributed to all nodes (switches). During operation, the TTCMP checks whether the current network topology reflects that of the installed consist project – if this is not the case, error information can be generated.

Project distribution, discovery, and monitoring of the physical network topology are therefore the main tasks of the TTCMP; ultimately reducing the cost of maintenance and commissioning.

Advantages of TTCMP:

  • Cost reductions in commissioning and maintenance
  • No manual configuration of individual devices: the configuration is extracted over the project file, making huge savings in commissioning efforts.
  • Real-time checking of the network topology: error messages are produced in error cases, makes commissioning of network systems significantly easier.
  • Efficient replacement of defective equipment: the consist project file is automatically loaded and can be used with the new equipment – saving time in error cases. Replacing can also be carried out by non-experts if necessary.
  • Easy upgrading of the network project simplifies extending of functions.

The TTCMP Network Designer provides a user-friendly graphical interface to create an Ethernet vehicle network (consist project). In order to work intuitively with the nodes and their connections, the network within the network plan is displayed graphically.

Netzwork Diagramzoom

All of the network project settings can be made simply and intuitively via the graphical interface. Project export… download… then the consist configuration is finished.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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