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Certification of the safety-oriented operating system MOS83x – MOS83x V740.EC3C version

What is now the fifth certification of the MOS83x operating system for the SIL 2 controller platform CPU 835-T/SIL is in full swing.

In the latest version of the operating system, there are many new features, improvements and bug fixes.


Here is only a small excerpt with the most important innovations for the new MOS83x V740.EC3C:

  • Support of new modules

        o DDE 735-TG/SIL, DDE 735-TV/SIL
        o DDE 731-TG, DDE 731-TV

  • Support of new features/improvements

        o MD5 checksum calculation
        o New modules for numerical functions with generic interface
        o New modules for extended analysis of Ethernet activity
        o Ethernet ports of services (FTP server, TFTP, etc.) are only opened if the service is activated

The MOS83x is certified as usual in the package with the new SIL hardware, as well as with the updated development environment, and is released for all CPU 83x controllers.
As with the MOS83x V731, no activation code is required for the compiler.

The new MOS is now available. We are expecting the certificate by the end of 2019.

Certificates are already available for the associated development tools: Class 3 for CAP1131 and Class T2 for both POUtest1131 and SIM1131.

Certificate CAP1131zoom
Certificate POUtest1131 / SIM1131zoom

Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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