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HMI 84xx-TW/SIL – safe and powerful

The latest display generation includes 10.4" and 12.1" touch variants, as well as a combined 10.4" touch display with UIC 612 keyboard – both for non-safety-oriented (SIL 0) and safety-oriented (SIL 2) applications.

All variants have the same interfaces:

  • 2x Ethernet
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • 2x analog CCTV
  • 1x audio IN
  • 1x audio OUT

The HMI84xx-TW units now also have a wide voltage range of 24–110 V DC and, thanks to the new housing, also achieve an IP65 degree of protection on the rear side. This makes them both dustproof and protected against water jets from any angle.

HMI 84xx-TW/SILzoom
HMI 84xx-TW/SILzoom

Further features and differences from the previous generation can be found in the following comparison table:

comparison tablezoom

The HMI application can still be programmed in the familiar Maestro Designer environment. Existing applications of HMI 83xx-TM can be ported one-to-one. In Maestro Designer®, SIL 0 and SIL 2 application parts are implemented in the same application and with the same widget library. The SIL Wizard recognizes and extracts the SIL 2-defined elements and generates the SIL 2 application from them. This procedure allows adjustments to be made in the SIL 0 part of the applications without having to go through certification again.

The 10.4" and 12.1" touch display versions can be ordered immediately. The combined version (with 10.4" touch display and UIC 612) keyboard will be available from the end of September 2019 onward.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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