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Safety for MAS 73x/83x: The new DOT 738-Tx/SIL and DDT 738-Tx/SIL are available

In summer 2018, new features were added to the Smartio® 3xx controller family: The most common node, extension, and power supply modules were redeveloped for safety-relevant applications. This is not all: The MAS 73x/83x controller family was expanded in parallel with safety-relevant modules. Within the scope of a project series, node modules, such as the DDC 735-Tx/SIL and DDE 735-Tx/SIL, as well as the digital extension modules DIT 735-Tx/SIL, DOT 738-Tx/SIL and DDT 73x-Tx/SIL have been developed over the last two years.

The digital output modules DOT 738-TF/SIL for 24 V DC and DOT 738-TG/SIL for 24/36 V DC applications, as well as the digital input and output modules DDT 738-TF/SIL and DDT 738-TG/SIL are brand new in the catalog.

DOT 738-Tx/SILzoom

The Digital Output exTension DOT 738-Tx/SIL has 24 digital outputs for safety-relevant applications up to SIL 2. The outputs are protected against overload and short circuits. The module features broken wire detection, oscillator frequency monitoring, a second shutdown path and an automated self-test. The outputs are optimized for high inrush currents as required for LED drivers and low holding currents e.g., for actuators with semiconductor technology.

DDT 738-Tx/SILzoom

The digital I/O module DDT 738-Tx/SIL has 12 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs each for safety-relevant applications. In the event of a fault, the module enters a safe state in which the inputs are set to 0 and the outputs are switched off. It is possible to exit the safe state afterwards using power off/on.


However, the project series has not yet been completed; you can expect further appealing SIL modules, which will be presented over the next few months.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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