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Xrote 3933 – the new snow blower for the Gornergrat Railway

In order to be fit for winter, the Gornergrat Railway purchased a new snow blower.
The old snow blower, dating back to 1943, had reached the end of its service life and needed to be replaced. Since September 21, 2018 the new snow blower has been undergoing tests and was able to enter service in the snow from December 2018.

Xrote 3933 – the new snow blower for the Gornergrat Railway zoom

The rather unusual name "Xrote 3933" was not chosen by chance – it is derived from a technical naming: The "X" stands for official vehicle, the "red" for snow blower, the "e" for electric and the number 3933 for vehicle number.


In contrast to a conventional blower, this vehicle now uses a combined cutter/blower. The snow is removed by the rotating cutter wheel and transported to the center. The faster rotating impeller then throws it through a rotating ejection chute. Within one hour, 3000 metric tons of snow can be thrown off the tracks. The 19-ton vehicle is pushed by a turbo vehicle, which can be remotely controlled from the blower vehicle thanks to a built-in cab.

Selectron was able to supply the complete control technology for this project. The control technology is based on Selectron components of the MAS83x/73x type and MAS 3xx Smartio® with a CAN-based network architecture.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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