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Selectron is on the move with the SMILE in Italy

Low-floor high-speed multiple-unit train SMILEzoom

Stadler's SMILE, the world's first series-production low-floor high-speed multiple-unit train, was rolled out to the general public on May 18, 2017 in Bussnang, in the presence of SBB and the President of the Swiss Confederation, Doris Leuthard. SBB was the first railway operator to order these trains, taking 29 units, and christening them "Giruno." At the moment, test runs are taking place in Italy to achieve the approval there.


For these verification journeys, the SMILE was given a modern livery and logos of the suppliers represented in the train. Participation in the form of sponsorship was a prerequisite for the company logos of the respective suppliers to be displayed on the train.

Selectron Systems supplies the TCMS equipment for the SMILE. The central Selectron vehicle control system is in constant communication via Ethernet and CAN networks with the decentralized I/O islands (RIOMs) distributed in the vehicle; it integrates all vehicle subsystems into a control system that is optimally coordinated. This control technology is based on the modular Selectron MAS 83x/73x control systems and MAS 3xx Smartio®.

Low-floor high-speed multiple-unit train SMILEzoom
Low-floor high-speed multiple-unit train SMILEzoom

Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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