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Selectron ski weekend 2019 at the Lauchernalp ski area

The weather forecast for our Selectron ski weekend wasn't too bad, but we didn't expect the magnificent weather that greeted us at the Lauchernalp. Thanks to the moderate weather forecast, we practically had the slopes to ourselves: superbly prepared runs and blue skies with pleasant winter temperatures.

With participants arriving from all directions, we met up as agreed down at the Lauchernalp railway station. The atmosphere was bubbly and exuberant right from the beginning. Our move up to the rather rustic "Romantica" chalet was quickly completed; everyone wanted to get out on the wonderful pistes.

But not all of the "Selectrönler" participants who arrived tackled the pistes with their skis; there were also some very adept snowboarders, telemark skiers and snowboard novices taking things leisurely, as well as snowshoe hikers.

Everyone helped each another and waited for their particular team members to catch up – taking care of one another. Of course, the speedsters among the winter sportsmen and sportswomen peeled off from the group every now and then and really showed their paces.

The lunch menu in the Berghaus restaurant would have been enough to make anyone jealous: giant plates loaded with cordon bleu and fries, delicious pizzas, cheese slices and the finest rösti. A glass of beer helped to raise our spirits further – what a paradise for the eye and palate!

Selectron ski weekend 2019zoom
Selectron ski weekend 2019zoom
Selectron ski weekend 2019zoom
Selectron ski weekend 2019zoom

We also followed the ritual of the après-ski route this year. Although it demanded almost elite levels of endurance, no one pleaded fatigue. But even the most beautiful day of skiing comes to an end – the tired ones made their way back home; those who had not yet had enough retired to the Romantica chalet in high spirits.

For dinner, there was a hearty fondue "Valais-style," donuts for dessert, a sophisticated ambiance with lounge music and some great conversations. Following the meal, the playing cards came out for further entertainment. The games continued until late (or rather early in the morning), with laughter, drinks and tall tales about our colleagues. Only at around 4 a.m. was the last of the professional card tricks played – after which time, the night owls went to bed with their laughing muscles thoroughly exercised.

Selectron ski weekend 2019zoom

Their smiles were still to be seen on Sunday morning. Some greeted the morning on the slopes, others made their way home, and others enjoyed a relaxed breakfast. The highly enjoyable communal time brought us "Selectrönler" even closer together.

I am sure the next trip will come very soon – everybody's looking forward to it. On the way home, there were already eager discussions about next year's ski weekend.

Many thanks to the sponsors and organizers for the great atmosphere – it was "HÜÜERA GÜET" (fantastic)!


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