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HMI 301-TW – A Simple Display for Simple Applications

HMI 301-TW – The Replacement for the Proven HMI 712-T
Selectron has been marketing the HMI 712-T line display for over 20 years now. The HMI is very popular with customers for simple display applications and is often used for subsystems. Due to obsolescence in the HMI 712-T, Selectron has set itself the task of developing a form, fit and function replacement – in accordance with the latest state-of-the-art and, at the same time, with compatibility with the existing device: The HMI 301-TW is born.

HMI 301-TW – Improved the Tried-and-Tested
On the one hand, the HMI 301-TW is (in HMI 712 mode) a form, fit and function replacement for the HMI 712-T and, on the other hand, additional functions are available in HMI 301 mode.

HMI 301-TW Displayzoom

With the new HMI 301-TW, you as a customer will receive added value compared to the HMI 712-T when using the HMI 301-TW in new projects. In HMI 301 mode, the HMI is fully integrated in the Selectron toolchain. This enables a more efficient and customer-friendly configuration, as well as a more convenient integration into your system. The HMI 301 mode is currently in the implementation phase.

With the new HMI 301-TW, Selectron is offering a form, fit and function replacement for the HMI 712-T. For you as a customer, this offers the advantage that, in the event of a failure, an HMI 712-T can be replaced with an HMI 301-TW without the need to make changes to your existing application.

Product Features
The display has the following characteristics:

  • Supply voltage from 24 … 48 V DC
  • LCD with 4 × 20 characters
  • LCD with adjustable contrast
  • Displays with LED backlighting
  • 11 user-programmable keys
  • 4 user-programmable LEDs
  • Protection classes: Front: IP40; back: IP20
  • CANopen interface (male/female)

Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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