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Innovation? You Bet!

Selectron is continuing to drive innovations forward in house. The market launch of our new CPU 94x controller generation is imminent – the first pilot projects will be started soon. The expansion of the new control system with a SIL 4 computer is also taking rapid strides forward. We are also working on making the TCMS cyber-secure.

Market Launch of CPU 94x – Next Generation Vehicle Control Unit
The market launch of the innovative CPU 94x controller is imminent. The first pilot project will go into service this year and the first release of the new Gen4 MOS is approaching, slowly but surely. In order to meet our customer's demanding schedule, the features have been consistently adapted to the first project. Within the pilot project, the central function of the virtual PLC will be implemented – as you would expect – so that we can test the practical application and gain important experience. The functions will be consistently expanded in the further course of the year so that all customers will have access to a fully featured controller by the end of the year.

SIL 4 Expansion of the CPU 94x
The expansion of the new controller with a SIL 4 computer will also take great strides forward this year. Above all, we are concerned with the question of how the development of highly safe SIL 4 applications can be simplified. This is where the Selectron development environment will provide a decisive impetus. Developers can focus fully on developing the applications. They have a generically certified SIL 4 computer at their disposal – as would be expected from Selectron. In addition, the development process is supported with further tools, for determining the test and code coverage for example; that is, how much code was covered in tests. These new functions can of course be used in all application developments. Efficiency in development and maintenance is possible at all safety levels within the Selectron toolchain.

A Cyber-Secure TCMS – Is That Possible?
How can the TCMS be made cyber-secure? What do solutions for cyber security look like? How can systems in operation be secured? We are also actively working on this issue. We will show new security configuration options for existing systems that were developed without security requirements. In addition, the Threat Detection System (TDS) offers an alarm system for securing existing and new fleets. Possible attacks will be detected in this way; this alarm system is going to be tested in a pilot trial during the course of the year.

The Selectron team is highly motivated to tackle the challenges of the market together with our customers. 2020 will be an exciting year. Innovative? You Bet!


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