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Low-Cost Extensions for Digital I/O as Well as Convenient Temperature Measurement

New digital input and output modules provide in the future Selectron's customers with both a SIL version (DIT 735-Tx/SIL) as well as a non-SIL model (DOT 732-TW), offering a cost-effective alternative to the existing combined input/output modules of the control system of MAS 73x/83x.

DIT 735-Tx/SILzoom

Both SIL 2 modules – DIT 735-TG/SIL for 24 to
36 V DC and DIT 735 TV/SIL for 72 to 110 V DC – are in each case designed for 32 digital signals.

This lineup of 32 forms the basis of recording all combined local signals. Suitable extensions for fewer signals can be expanded through existing modules DDT 735-TG/SIL and 735-TV/SIL, which both have
8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. 

Thus, just the required signals can be configured relatively accurately. This, plus the lower price-per-channel of the DIT 735 Tx/SIL over the
DDT 735-Tx/SIL, leads to significant cost savings in the system.


The DOT 732-TW is equipped with 32 digital outputs for the wide voltage range of 24 to 110 V DC. Depending on application, it can also be extended for the most precise coverage of controlling actuators with a DDT 732-TG/05A or a DDT 732-TF/2A (offering 16 inputs/outputs), or alternatively with a DDT 731-TW/1A (offering 16 configurable inputs/outputs). 

Thus, the motto "tailored to the system" is maintained and the desired cost savings are reached.

DOT 732-TWzoom
AIT 732-T/PTC and AIT 733-T-NTCzoom

Both AIT 732-T/PTC and AIT 733-T/NTC analogue input modules are suitable for temperature monitoring and control, such as passenger room temperature control (HVAC), motor temperature and bogie monitoring.

All common temperature sensors are supported with the following input fields:

Input range AIT 732-T/PTC
PT100 and PT1000    –50 to +600 °C
NI100 and NI1000      –50 to +180 °C

Input range AIT 733-T/NTC
Measurement range   1 kΩ      67 Ω to 10 kΩ
Measurement range   2 kΩ    135 Ω to 20 kΩ
Measurement range   5 kΩ    339 Ω to 50 kΩ
Measurement range 10 kΩ    678 Ω to 100 kΩ


Direct connection of temperature sensors to the modules removes any need for signal conversion and additional wiring.

With this cost optimization and extension of signal recording, Selectron continues the trend with control systems MAS 73x/83x.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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