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Hanspeter Riesen Customer Support & Training

Hanspeter Riesen, Customer Support & Training Managerzoom

With Hanspeter Riesen, we are able to change the structure within the After Sales Service department. After successful training, he will take over the team managing Customer Support & Training. Hanspeter Riesen was born and raised in Schwarzenburg and has vast experience as project manager in the field of automation and also in customer support.

He will support our customers in German, French, and English.


Baptiste Charrière Customer Support & Training

Baptiste Charrière, Customer Support & Trainingzoom

In April, Baptiste Charrière strengthened our Customer Support & Training team. He was born and raised in Bulle, in the French part of Switzerland. He has an engineering degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg, as well as experience in Neuchâtel as a developer in the semiconductor industry, particularly in the area of ASICs testing. He has dared to look "beyond the horizon"; having taken timeout to make a bicycle tour through Europe – experiences that have enriched him, especially in personal development.

After his training, Baptiste Charrière will serve our clients in French, English, and German languages.



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