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Certification of Operating System Version MOS83x V710.ECA7

The existing certificate was supplemented with the new:

  1. Operating system for the CPU 835-T/SIL:
    "MOS83x V710.ECA7"
  2. Safety-oriented digital extension module in accordance with Safety Integrity Level SIL 2:
    "DIT 735-Tx/SIL"

The following hardware and software modules meet the DIN standards: EN 61508, EN 50129, and EN 50128 in accordance with SIL 2 or SSAS2

  • CPU 835-T/SIL
  • Operating system MOS83x V710.ECA7 with PXROS-HR V6.1.1.2
  • DDT 735-Tx/SIL
  • DIT 735-Tx/SIL
  • PSM 835-Tx


New Safety Certification MAS 83x / MAS 73x SIL 2zoom
DIT 735-Tx/SILzoom

The DIT 735-Tx/SIL is a safe digital extension module for the CPU 835-T/SIL controller.

Through development in accordance with SIL 2, additional monitoring functions in the assemblies are implemented that can ensure a safe state at all times. DIT 735-Tx/SIL is designed for signal voltages from 24 to 36 V DC (version TG) or 72 to 110 V DC (version TV) and offers 24 secure digital inputs.


The new operating system for the CPU 835-T/SIL – the "MOS 83x V710.ECA7" – was certified according to EN 61508, parts 1 to 3 and EN 50128, SIL 2.

In the latest version of the operating system, there are many new features, improvements, and bugfixes. Here is just a small selection of the most important properties of the new MOS83x V710.ECA7:

  • SafetyCom®, the protocol for safety-relevant communication between safety-relevant devices
  • Support of various new modules:
    • Support of the Smartio® product family
    • MVB bus administrator module type MVB 831-T
    • PROFINET connection type PNI 831-T
    • Temperature measurement module type AIT 73x-T/xTC
    • Secure digital input module with 24 channels type DIT 735-TX/SIL
    • Output modules type DOT 732-TW
  •  Integration of:
    • CANopen master functionality
    • CANopen slave functionality
    • FTP client
    • SNTP client
    • TOP 1131 data logger integrated in the MOS
    • Concerto data logger integrated in the MOS


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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