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Smartio® – Planned New Modules, Product Optimization and a Simplified System Design Offers More Cost Savings in the Vehicle Wiring

The new Smartio® RIOM system, now already used in several projects, also offers – in addition to the highest levels of flexibility – almost unlimited extensibility, clean-structured design, highest reliability and ease of use with the potential for further product optimizations. Certain areas have been improved that were identified during practical use and have correspondingly been resolved:

  • Power supply modules' retaining clamps
  • DIN rail end clamp

PSC modules' retaining clampszoom

Despite having passed shock and vibration tests, an improvement potential of the PSP power supply module's rail mounting was identified during real-life use.

The newly adapted PSC rail mounting will soon be available; therefore eliminating the use of the retaining clamps.


A further point noted from real-life use refers to the assembly and disassembly of the DIN rail end bracket (see image). Although the modules sit firmly and securely on the rail, in practicality this is currently not (yet) optimal. In the very near future, the fastening will be improved thanks to new functionality.

DIN rail end bracket new functionality zoom

Cost savings objectives are further continued. With the development of new modules, Selectron in the future offers even more savings with system configuration. The main point being is for modules to have a higher number of inputs and outputs; initial plans are for each module to have:

  • 32 digital inputs (1-wire, 42 mm width)
  • 18 digital inputs (2-wire system, double connection port, 42 mm width)
  • 32 digital outputs (1-wire, 42 mm width)
  • 18 digital outputs (2-wire system, double connection, 42 mm width)
  • 8 digital outputs, 2A per output (1-wire, 28 mm wide)
  • 8 analog inputs (incl. shield connection, 28 mm wide)


The larger number of inputs and outputs per module reduces production cost per I/O point – Selectron will pass these savings onto our customers. With current modules with fewer I/Os, the customized system layout is guaranteed just as before

Future Smartio® modules -  28 mm wide and 42 mm widezoom

When engineering, Smartio® demands precise consideration of system design – this is for two reasons:

  • To best exploit the system for the upcoming application; that is, save cost and space
  • To avoid overloading the system upon reaching power and current limits i.e., the use of required power supply
    modules is transparent and easy to support

The best possible, and therefore most cost effective, system design is now supported with special system design software. This plays a major role here; for example, the capacity utilization of digital output modules of a loaded voltage segment. Both the simultaneous switching of outputs (a motor cannot run left and right at the same time) and the effective current load of each individual output finally determine the maximum total current of such a module. The XBus segments (back panel bus) also require detailed consideration, since different modules require different power. Finally, the use of modules in temperature classes of T2 (–40 °C to +55 °C) or Tx (–40 °C to
+70 °C) require different power and performance limits that must be taken into account.

Excel sheetzoom

To support engineering work, Selectron now offers its customers software to take into account all of the various boundary parameters. This greatly facilitates system layout and simultaneously allows an easy way to check recalculations. When the input mask of the software is completely filled, a parts list with the total number of modules is created as "by-product." This contains order details, weights and widths of each module, as well as the total width per node and the total weight of all components. Therefore, system configuration is clearly presented and efficient – this saves time and money.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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