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Tour de Berne – Seeland Classic 2015

The 92nd Tour de Berne on 9 Mai 2015 has already been and gone.
For the 13th time, Selectron were present as sponsors and participants in the legendary People's (German: "Volk") Race as part of the Tour de Berne.

In the morning, the elite cyclists competed in the licensed race and then in the afternoon – in the so-called "Seeland Classic" – amateurs rode in the categories Volk and Races 1 to 3. Once again, the Seeland Classic brought in 1100 cyclists for the start; Selectron had twelve participants in Race 1 and Volk Race.

This year's participants had to pick up their start number and transponder personally; until last year, this had all been done by some "magic fairy." The transponder then had to be attached to the front wheel's hub – that was already the first challenge. Then, with the start number well secured and the transponder fixed, the race could now begin. Participants of the Volk category covered 21.2 km along with some climbing.

The weather was perfect: alternating sun and clouds, a pleasant temperature and the wind held off for the most part. Sooner or later, all riders on their respective routes had worked up a sweat.

Our riders from the "Volk" categoryzoom

Our riders from the "Volk" category


Concentrated preparation before the start


With a total 111 riders, the launch of the Volk race began promptly at 14:30…the participants took to the track.

"après sport"zoom

Race 1 began at 16:15; at this time, participants of the Volks race were already back and enjoying the "après sport", discussing either their highlights or troubles on the track.


Race 1's 33.95 km distance and a climb of 420 meters was successfully completed by all members of the "Selectron 2" team. The team result is impressive: 7th place from 13 teams.

Participants of Race 1: Team "Selectron 2"zoom

Participants of Race 1: Team "Selectron 2"

The fastest rider from all Selectron's teamszoom

The fastest rider from all Selectron's teams: Ranked 21 from 197 in Race 1 with an average speed of 36.2 km/h while climbing a total of 420 meters


The weather was perfect for the occasion and significantly better than forecast. The successful event ended with a raffle for participants, offering everything from a fruit basket to a bike.

No breakdowns were recorded from the Selectron teams with many spectators coming – including some from Selectron – to support the racers.

We congratulate all participants that took part in the race for Selectron and wish you an exciting "bike season," with lots of training kilometers before the Tour de Berne 2016!

Fabian Cancellarazoom

The Tour de Berne 2015 was Fabian Cancellara's initial comeback after injuring himself in a fall in Belgium last March. He was not riding against the professionals but took part in Race 3 of the Seeland Classic along with the hobby riders. He raced at the fore over the entire distance of 102 km; shortly before the finish, he dropped back to hand over victory to his companions.


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