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Trams That Include Selectron's TCMS for the City of Bursa (Turkey)

Trams for the City of Bursa (Turkey) zoom
Trams for the City of Bursa (Turkey) zoom

Turkey: Durmazlar, the Turkish engineering and rolling stock manufacturer, received an order from the city of Bursa to deliver ten trams between 2015 and 2016.

In the first design phase between 2011 and 2012, Durmazlar built the first prototype of this tram based on a single-cabin design. This vehicle was used for testing, homologation and promotion and was also presented at the InnoTrans trade fair.

The Italian company SPII made an important contribution in the development, testing and commissioning of the TCMS part, which is responsible for the traction chain and hydraulic brake system.

In a second phase, Durmazlar built a model with double cabins, which also is equipped for multi-traction. The train bus is WTB.

The city of Bursa had opted for high reliability – by which Selectron's robust TCMS system as platform in Durmazlar trams contributes a great deal.


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