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MVB interface with integration capability: IMC 201-T

The skills and capacities in the area of interfaces and communication newly acquired in 2018 are bearing their first fruits. A "Class 2" MVB solution has already been developed in the time since the MVB/WTB team was first established successfully. This will be the first to be used in the MAS 73x MVB node – DDM 731 Tx/ExD – and will be available for both internal and external MVB projects in the future. With its small dimensions of 20 x 30 mm, the IMC (Integrated MVB Core) fits into virtually any product. By adding an electrical connection, different MVB media can be operated.

Integrated MVB Core: IMC 201-Tzoom

The IMC 201-T, designed as a System on Module (SOM), will be continuously further developed after completion and at some point it will be possible to use it in Class 4 (bus administrator) MVB and WTB devices.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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