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In collaboration with Mathworks, an interface has been created on both sides for MATLAB/Simulink, the leading mathematics and modeling suite. Using this, code is generated in MATLAB/Simulink that can be used and tested in the Selectron Toolchain.


With the Selectron Toolchain, it is now possible to implement the entire workflow – from modeling and code generation in MATLAB/Simulink through to verification for safety-critical and complex systems.


Thanks to this cooperation, Selectron Systems AG can now offer two options for model-driven development of complex algorithms in MATLAB/Simulink:

  • MATLAB/Simulink "Embedded Coder" allows the developer to generate C code. This C code can be integrated into a CAP1131 project with the newly created CLibs function as a C library. A C library can thus consist of various programs, functions and function blocks which can be called in a CAP1131 project.

  • MATLAB/Simulink "PLC Coder" allows the developer to generate ST code.
    Mathworks has developed a new target IDE "CAP1131" to support CAP1131 natively. This allows the ST code generated by MATLAB/Simulink to be imported directly into a CAP1131 project as a program, function or function block.

In order to test the generated code, the developer can use the SIM1131 simulation engine from Selectron, which is also integrated in MATLAB/Simulink and its verification and validation suite. SIM1131 simulates the models directly in the Mathworks tool chain or – after the C code or ST code has been generated – externally in the CAP1131.

All Selectron and Mathworks toolchains are qualified according to EN 50128:2011 and IEC 61508:2010 up to Class T3 for code generation and Class T2 for test tools (for verification and validation). This enables the developer to concentrate on his/her core task and makes it easier to create and certify safety-oriented applications.

A first SIL 2 project for a "magnetic rail brake" has already been completed successfully by one of our partners.

The complete Toolchain qualified to T3/T2 is now available on the Selectron site.

Mathworks currently offers its components for MATLAB/Simulink on request as a "PSP package". Release and full certification are planned for the end of 2019.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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