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SBB IC2000 modernization (IC2020 project) – Selectron develops a new compact controller

Compact controller CCU  701-TG/OGFzoom

Selectron developed a compact controller based on existing modules to replace the existing sanitary block controller in the IC2020 project. The CCU 701-TG/OGF compact controller includes the following features: 1×MVB OGF, 1×CAN, 1×RS-232, 32 digital inputs, 32 digital outputs max. 0.5 A, 8 relay outputs, 8 analog inputs, 2 reference voltage outputs, real-time clock, supply voltage 24/36 V DC.


Selectron also contributed to the development and validation of the CCU 701-TG/OGF application software. The Selectron compact controller is used to control the sanitary block. In addition, the functions of the on-board restaurant and the water supply are also regulated.

SBB IC2000 modernization (IC2020)zoom
SBB IC2000 modernization (IC2020)zoom

It is the biggest modernization in the history of SBB long-haul traffic: The 341 IC2000 double-decker coaches will be upgraded for a further 20 years in service. The modernization includes implementing contemporary and future customer requirements, complying with Swiss legal requirements concerning access for people with disabilities and the modernization of vehicle technology.

The IC2000 trains are the backbone of the long-haul intercity fleet and were purchased between 1997 and 2004. They operate on the Geneva - Bern - St. Gallen and Romanshorn - Brig routes, among others. The IC2000 fleet will continue to be of central importance after the modernization to meet the increasing demand for seats.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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