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New SCPU 941-TW controller in certification

The foundation has been laid! The first controller and the first software version of the new Selectron control platform have been completed. The validation and certification of the hardware and software is in full swing and – as its baptism of fire – the controller has also successfully mastered its first route.

Fully in line with the “minimum viable product” principle, this version is fully tailored to the needs of the pilot customer – but always with an eye on more.

SCPU 941-TWzoom

Currently, it is already possible to access three independent virtual controllers (vPLCs) with different computing capacities in the controller. This means it has been possible to implement the popular combination of SIL 2 and SIL 0 computing units autonomously and without unwanted interactions on one hardware.

This now marks the beginning of a new phase of further development and expansion. First and foremost, the new controller is now being expanded from a minimum viable product into become a worthy successor to the MAS 83x family. In parallel to this, the topics of security according to IEC 62443 and the expansion to SIL 4 will be tackled.


Where the path will lead in the future ultimately depends on customers – the foundation stone has been laid.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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