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New Smartio® function module platform

Smartio® function modules are characterized by having individually optimized hardware developed on the basis of the existing platform. This leads to an optimum compromise between time-to-market and (cost-) optimized design. The mode of function is similar to a decentralized micro PLC,  this enables fast reactions according to a control algorithm. In addition, ever more precise information is available on the extension module, which further improves the control. In addition to the straightforward module costs, the significantly reduced wiring work resulting from the decentralized approach is of particular importance.

left: SBCC 301-TF  right: SWSP 301-TFzoom

    left: SBCC 301-TF      right: SWSP 301-TF

The new WSP3 wheel slide protection system composes the SWSP 301-TF module together with the WPA (wheel slide protection algorithm) running on it and the central WPU (wheel slide protection unit). As the successor to the WSP800 system (CDT 731-TG), it will combine proven Selectron wheel slide protection with the advantages of the Smartio® function module platform and will contribute in particular to reducing costs.


The second function module, SBCC 301-TF, expands the Smartio® portfolio by a pilot pressure regulator. It has been optimized for the Knorr-Bremse EP Compact system and enables the system to be integrated into a Selectron TCMS in a straightforward way. Both modules will be available as a prototype at the beginning of 2021 and as series production devices in the course of the first half of the year.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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