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FCA Bolivia operating Stadler Valencia SALi locomotives, performing with Selectron TCMS

In 2018 Stadler and the Bolivian Ferroviaria Andina FCA signed a contract for the supply of the first three SALi (South American Light Locomotives), designed specifically for the Latin American market. They were developed and manufactured at the Valencia facility in Spain.

FCA provides integral freight and passenger transportation services on a railway network comprising 2,276 km. It crosses the western part of Bolivia, linking the departments of La Paz, Oruro, Cochabamba, Potosí and Chuquisaca, and providing international links with Chile (Arica and Antofagasta), Argentina (La Quiaca) and Peru (Puno).

FCA Bolivia operating Stadler Valencia SALi locomotives, performing with Selectron TCMSzoom
FCA Bolivia operating Stadler Valencia SALi locomotives, performing with Selectron TCMSzoom

These locomotives may result in a key contribution to the commitment to the bi-oceanic rail integration corridor between Peru and Chile on the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean trade port of Santos in Brazil, crossing Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina.

The locomotives are of ultra-lightweight design and feature cutting-edge technology – to successfully face the challenges faced by operating on a meter-gauge track under conditions of great altitude over 5000 meters above sea level. They are capable of reaching a speed of 100 km/h, combining a high-power output at great altitude with reduced fuel consumption. Thanks to an optimal balance between traction, power, and speed, SALi is specially adapted for freight service. They also feature two acoustic and heat-insulated driver cabs to ensure comfort under extreme temperature conditions.

These 6-axle locomotives are equipped with 1865 kW diesel engines and with IGBT traction converters. The starting traction effort is 415 kN and thus suited for the main purpose of hauling heavy freight wagon trains transporting mineral ore.

The locomotive vehicle control is based on the Selectron MAS 83x/73x automation system. The TCMS is designed for locomotive operation in multi-traction, via WTB communication.

Driver cabins of the locomotive are equipped with UIC 612 keypad driver desk displays. The Selectron central vehicle control unit is in permanent communication with these displays, the diesel engine, the traction and brake control units and also with the distributed remote I/O islands (RIOMs) via CANopen/J1939 and Ethernet networks. The vehicle control unit also monitors the subsystems on board, it collects, generates and records diagnostic data, providing valuable information to the operator for preventive and corrective maintenance.

Stadler Rail Valencia’s Engineering Team developed the corresponding application software for vehicle control, displays and the powerful diagnostic system completely by themselves using Selectron SW tools.

This control and monitoring system has been well-proven in previous UKDual, UKLight and EuroLight locomotives.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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