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Simplified access for plug connectors: The successor model of the MVB communication module

Since the development of the first MVB 831-T/ExD module, the powerful modules for communication with an MVB fieldbus system have been operating reliably. The communication module can be used as a bus administrator, gateway, or as a simple station in a bus system.

The module was improved after more than four years of successful use, and further customer requests were implemented. 

MVB 831-T/EMD modulezoom

Due to restrictions when installing the MVB PC/104 card, the connections on the previous module were made downwards. As a result, optimum access was not guaranteed in every situation. Furthermore, customers have made additional requests regarding functionality to Selectron.

The previous variant is still available and can be used in existing projects.

MVB 831-T/EMD/01 modulezoom

By modifying the internal PC/104 card, the connections could be moved from the bottom to the front. In addition to improved connection technology, the MVB 831-T/ExD/01 communication module with new features for the MVB device scan and bus administrator also meets customer requirements.

Selectron recommends using the MVB 831-T/ExD/01 in all new projects.


With this and other MVB solutions in the pipeline, we will continue to be able to support you as a strong partner in matters relating to the Multifunction Vehicle Bus.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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