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Review of the InnoTrans 2018 trade fair

With the new, flexible and high-performance 94x controller family and an integrated cyber security concept, Selectron attracted a lot of interest and reaction from existing customers, potential new customers and competitors alike.


The Selectron trade fair stand at the InnoTrans 2018

The advantages in reducing engineering and hardware costs through the possibility of processing in one single device using several independent, freely programmable controllers (PLCs) were particularly popular. The separation between safety-relevant and non-safety-relevant parts, with no mutual feedback, offers advantages for vehicle homologation as well as when it comes to adapting existing applications. In addition, it is possible to integrate different controllers in a single device; for example, vehicle controllers and brake computers, which offers immense possibilities for future architectures, e.g., by reducing the amount of wiring involved, reusing existing hardware and thus saving costs. Numerous customers were inspired by the presented functions of the CPU 94x, prompting them to come up with new ideas and control technology concepts. The possibilities offered by the new structures for applications not only simplify vehicle homologation, but also noticeably reduce overall costs at the same time. Achieving the Safety Integrity Level up to SIL 4 with decentralized SIL 4 I/O node modules also offers completely new fields of application, such as ETCS, CBTC and many more.

Beyond these revolutionary features of the new 94x controller family, the new controller forms the basis for an integrated cyber security architecture. The two concepts, Security by Design and Defense in Depth (IEC 62443), offer protection against unwanted and also controlled data manipulation. Selectron's approach safeguards its own components on the one hand and, on the other hand, offers solutions from the component supplier Selectron, via the system integrator or vehicle manufacturers, right up to the operator. This overall view was extremely well received by customers, especially operating companies.

In addition to the technological components, the security architecture presented here primarily involves know-how and people, processes and structures, as well as standards. The consistently positive feedback from customers regarding this approach, and the interest in Selectron's plans for further services, confirm the direction and strategy adopted. This encourages us to pursue new security services and solutions for the Selectron portfolio. This is rounded off by Selectron's leading role within the Knorr-Bremse Group in the form of the Competence Center Cyber Security. Within this framework, Selectron defines group-wide guidelines and standards for all stakeholder groups.

The new Smartio® wheel slide protection offers many possibilities for cost reduction and optimization. Direct integration into the TCMS offers great savings potential in terms of equipment, components, and space, as well as a significant reduction in cabling costs. In addition, the full potential of the new controller family is exploited by allowing a wheel slide protection system to be installed without additional controllers, but by simply extending the remote I/O islands that are already there in any case. Furthermore, sensors no longer have to be wired through the entire car to a central wheel slide protection component, but can be read in directly on the spot. This continuation of the decentralized I/O concept to functional units offers enormous savings potential. The safety functions of the wheel slide protection will, of course, be generically certified so that they can be quickly and easily integrated into vehicle applications.

The unique wheel slide protection architecture offers a wide range of integration possibilities in vehicle applications. For example, the wheel slide protection can be seamlessly integrated into an application by the vehicle manufacturer using libraries; alternatively, it can be completely independent as a stand-alone application, true to the principle of "Design your next-generation TCMS."

On the occasion of InnoTrans 2018, the new generic SIL 2 certificate for Selectron's complete safety product portfolio was also presented by Dr. Dirk Stenkamp (CEO of TÜV NORD) to the two CEOs of Selectron, Mr. Marco Fanger and Dr. Thomas Fischer.

Presentation of the new certificatezoom

Presentation of the new generic SIL 2 certificate for Selectron's complete safety product portfolio:
From the left:
Mr. Mike Walter (Head of Business Segment Rail),
Mr. Silvio Konrad (Managing Director TÜV NORD Systems),
Dr. Dirk Stenkamp (CEO of TÜV NORD),
Marco Fanger (CEO Selectron),
Dr. Thomas Fischer (CEO Selectron)


Another highlight of InnoTrans 2018 was, of course, the Selectron customer event. Captivating magic tricks, good food, and stimulating discussions ensured a relaxed evening. At the same time, many new contacts were forged and experiences exchanged. With the impressions gained at InnoTrans 2018, we will continue to be happy to act as your partner for innovations in the rail sector.

Captivating magic tricks at the Selectron customer eventzoom
Captivating magic tricks at the Selectron customer eventzoom

Captivating magic tricks at the Selectron customer event



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