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First CPU 94x Devices in Customer's Hands for Tests – The Powerful Controller for the Next-Generation TCMS

The hardware development of the new SCPU 941-TW has already been finalized. Software development is still in full swing and a first version of the new operating system will be officially released and certified in spring 2020. With this version, several virtual controllers (vPLCs) will be possible on one hardware for the first time. Thus, the popular combination of SIL 2 and SIL 0 computing units can be autonomous and without retroactive effects on hardware.

First CPU 94x Devices in Customer's Handszoom

In this first development step, our development team is working very closely with the pilot customer to provide optimal support for this project.

In addition to covering the specific customer requirements of the pilot project, our focus is on developing a promising and expandable solution. In addition to new hardware, there is a completely new, more flexible software architecture – with a new operating system, new libraries and an updated tool landscape.

The innovative software architecture offers our customers many advantages in development and homologation. For example, up to three independent virtual controllers are available to integrate a wide variety of applications. Likewise, the software is separated from the hardware as far as is possible and reasonable, in order to generate further product variants in the future and actively counteract obsolescence. Last but not least, this design offers the greatest possible flexibility for expansion and adaptations.

The new controller family will of course also be designed in accordance with the security standards of IEC 62443. For example, a secure boot at bootloader level has already been integrated to enable further extensions for security certifications.

After this first milestone, work will continue at full speed on the further development of the new software platform in order to cover and anticipate all current and future customer needs as far as possible.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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