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Bi-Mode 6-Axles Freight Locomotive Performance with Selectron TCMS

Havelländische Eisenbahngesellschaft (HVLE) is a German freight operator using ten powerful EURODUAL locomotives – developed and built by Stadler Valencia in Spain. The 6-axle locomotives reach a maximum speed of 120 km/h and can run on either electric catenary or diesel engine power.

Bi-Mode 6-Axles Freight Locomotive

These universal vehicles are able to run at nominal power of 6,150 kW on overhead lines at 25 kV AC/50 Hz and 5 kV/16.7 Hz. They also feature a powerful 2,800 kW diesel engine to run on non-electrified tracks. The EURODUAL is by far more than just a last-mile-locomotive; it is a performant 2-in-1 solution. Cutting-edge control, monitoring and diagnostics technology offers the operator both economic and ecologic advantages.

The Selectron TCMS, based on the MAS 83x/73x systems, includes the vehicle control unit and driver desk displays with an integrated event recording and diagnostics system implemented by Selectron Concerto®. The traction converters and the locomotive’s subsystems are controlled via a CANopen network and the diesel engine via a J1939 link. Ethernet enables data communication between vehicle control units and driver displays; multi-traction capabilities are accomplished via a WTB coupling between locomotives.


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