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Mobile Maintenance System for Rail by Robel – with TCMS by Selectron

Selectron Systems is supplying TCMS equipment for the mobile maintenance system of Robel Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH (ROMIS) for the customer, Deutsche Bahn. The consist, composing of a traction and supply unit, a storage unit and a maintenance unit open to the track, enables efficient line maintenance with maximum safety.

Mobile Maintenance System for Rail by Robel

Additionally, Selectron supplies the central vehicle control system which is in permanent communication via Ethernet and CAN networks with the decentralized I/O islands (RIOMs) distributed in the vehicle. All vehicle subsystems are integrated into an integrated and coordinated control system. This control technology is based on the modular Selectron MAS 83x/73x control systems and Smartio®.

Decentralized remote I/O modules control the functions distributed in the vehicle. By using the Smartio® product family, it has been possible to significantly minimize cabling and component costs. The network architecture and the control modules ensure high availability of the fleet.

Integrated into this vehicle concept, the WSP 800 modular wheel slide protection system will also be used; it communicates with the vehicle control unit via Ethernet.

The WSP 800 wheel slide protection system protects the vehicles and the rail infrastructure from flat spots and damage to the rails under unfavorable environmental conditions of the wheel-rail system. Cost-intensive maintenance activities are thus avoided.

The entre vehicle concept was independently created, programmed and commissioned by the Robel Engineering Team.

The ROMIS maintenance system will be handed over to Deutsche Bahn at the beginning of 2021.

Selectron Concerto®. The traction inverters and other subsystems are controlled and monitored via a CANopen network; the diesel engine via J1939 link. An Ethernet data network enables fast data transfers between the vehicle control unit and the driver's console displays. Multi-traction is achieved by coupling using WTB gateways.


Subject to technical changes and amendments to technical specifications at any time.

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