In spite of their compact size, the Selectron MAS* controller families deliver high performance and speed, with the flexibility you have come to expect from us.

All modules support the EN 50155 standard demanded for rail vehicles, i.e. they are resistant to harsh ambient conditions.
We can also demonstrate very high levels of availability as a result of many years of experience and practical operation.

Our guaranteed long-term availability is another advantage.
This is ensured by our consistent processes from development through to logistics and service.

Information on the various controller families can be found in our Flyer.

Information on the long-term availability of the various controller families can be found in our life cycle documents:

Life Cycle CPU 854-T
Life Cycle ICC 83x-T
Life Cycle MAS 94x-T
Life Cycle MAS 3xx-Tx
Life Cycle MAS 3xx-Tx/SIL
Life Cycle MAS 72x-Tx
Life Cycle MAS 73-Tx / MAS 83x-Tx
Life Cycle MAS 83xx
Live Cycle MAS84xx
Life Cycle OCU 90x-TW
Life Cycle HMI 34xx

The following list contains discontinued industrial products.

Discontinued Industrial Products



* Modular Automation System

The benefits to you

  • Consistent in hardware and software
  • User-friendly 
  • Flexible architectures tailored to the application 
  • Independent network topologies  
  • Flexibly combinable system components 
  • Qualified and certified  
  • Can be expanded at any time 
  • Value-for-money cost structure because of tailor-made solutions 
  • The right support for each project phase
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