Selectron® relays control time sequences, monitor voltages and switch loads reliably.
Our product range includes:

  • Pluggable multifunctional time delay relays
  • DIN-rail multifunctional time delay relays  
  • Pluggable monitoring relays 
  • Solid-state relays 
  • Accessories such as heat sinks, fans, thermal protection, etc.

Typical application

Relays are used wherever a PLC would be too expensive and when relays can carry out the required functions. Typical applications are:

  • Machine controls
  • Heating controls 
  • Temperature regulation 
  • Mains and battery monitoring

More information about Selectron® relays

The Selectron® Relays catalogue contains detailed information about the functions, technical data and connection diagrams:

Relay catalog according to EN 50155 – Complete catalog (ZIP)
Selectron® switchgear catalog - Complete catalog (ZIP)
Selectron® relays flyer
Monitoring/time relays DoC RoHS II
Solid-state relays DoC RoHS II
Information obligations acc. to Art. 33 of the REACH regulations

Distributors' order numbers

Sales are handled by distributors and wholesalers both in Switzerland and in other countries. The following links / lists provide information about E-numbers, VSAS and EAN numbers as well as possible sources:

Order numbers / distributors

Our partners in Switzerland and Europe
To guarantee optimum availability and short delivery times, orders are placed with our partners directly and are handled exclusively by them.

Partner Switzerland
Partner Europe

Replacement types
Older relay types that are no longer marketed by Selectron can easily be replaced by current types. The following list specifies which replacement types are available.

List of relay replacement types

The benefits to you

  • Consistent in hardware and software
  • User-friendly 
  • Flexible architectures tailored to the application 
  • Independent network topologies  
  • Flexibly combinable system components 
  • Qualified and certified  
  • Can be expanded at any time 
  • Value-for-money cost structure because of tailor-made solutions 
  • The right support for each project phase
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