Selectron offers an extensive training program. The flexibility of our organization means we can offer users a training course that is exactly tailored to their requirements. You can choose from the following types of training:

  • Standard training course, PLCopen-certified
  • Application support  
  • Project support 

"PLC programming" training course for beginners
Selectron is offering customers and interested parties a four-day training course on PLC programming in Lyss (CH) in September 2018. The following basics will be taught in this training:

Introduction to the Selectron product portfolio

  • Correct use of our tools
    -   WDLD1131
    -   CAP1131
    -   TOP1131
    -   SIM1131
    -   POUtest1131
  • Programming guidelines and programming based on the IEC 61131 standard
  • CAN-bus and CANopen application in connection with the Selectron product portfolio
  • Ethernet (TRDP) communication in connection with the Selectron product portfolio

The target group includes beginners who have basic knowledge of programming, CAN and Ethernet and would like to familiarize themselves with the Selectron world.

Costs: CHF 500 per day
Participants: min. 4, max. 8
Location: 3250 Lyss, Switzerland

Monday, September 17, 2018, 1:30 PM
to Friday, September 21, 2017, 12 noon

Registration: Mail to Sales Administration

Individual training courses
Selectron Systems AG offers individual training courses that can be combined in such a way as to provide you with precisely the knowledge you need.
We look forward to helping you put together training courses to meet your requirements.

Duration: to be agreed
Costs: CHF 1300 per day
Participants: max. 8
Location: to be agreed
Date: to be agreed

Application support
You also have the opportunity to work with an experienced engineer to come up with solutions for your specific task in the area of I&C systems for rail vehicles.
You can also use these services for re-evaluating or preparing specific program sections for your application

Duration: to be agreed
Costs: CHF 145 per hour
Participants: max. 2
Location: to be agreed
Date: to be agreed

Project support
We would be happy to assist you in finding a solution for your specific projects in the area of I&C systems for rail vehicles.

Duration: to be agreed
Costs: CHF 145 per hour
Participants: max. 4
Location: to be agreed
Date: to be agreed

Repeat training
Some time ago, you attended a training course at Selectron, but unfortunately you have not recently had any opportunity to apply the knowledge you learned. You are still uncertain in some topic areas, because you have still not acquired the necessary procedural tips and tricks.
We've got a solution for this: why not take part in a brief repeat training via TeamViewer? Decide what topics you would like to look at again from our repeat training catalogue.
The training can be done conveniently at your workplace. The training takes place using the TeamViewer desktop sharing utility. The TeamViewer program provides us with remote access to another computer. As a result, we can see what is happening on the customer's computer in real time, and we can take action simultaneously. Furthermore, it is possible to show the customer what is on our screen, so the customer can see when and where to perform which steps.

Important information
Please bring your own notebook PC
Please bring your own notebook PC with administrator rights and with the Symphony® software program already installed.

Once we have received your order, we will send the definitive confirmation of each course in writing. 

Organization and ordering
Please contact customer service to arrange and organize the training course you require.

The benefits to you

  • Your core business is our central concern
  • Long-term partnership based on trust, reliability and expertise 
  • Product, solution concept and system architecture consulting 
  • Direct customer contact
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