Diagnosis / data logger

Selectron offers a diagnosis management solution that is harmoniously integrated into the Selectron SW environment.
Recording and storing the data is enormously important for long-term studies.

It helps the train and maintenance personnel to locate and rectify malfunctions and faults in the vehicle quickly and efficiently. The tool makes it possible to configure diagnostic data sets (DDS) as well as evaluate them. The reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) of a vehicle or a vehicle fleet is therefore significantly improved.

The following cost reductions can be achieved with the diagnostic system:

  • Shorter troubleshooting times
  • Less maintenance expenditure, i.e. status-based maintenance
  • Fewer vehicle downtimes
  • Lower repair costs by avoiding follow-on damage thanks to fault diagnosis at an early stage

The benefits to you

  • Individually networkable solutions
  • Flexibly combinable system component 
  • Provision of the current standards  
  • Qualified and certified 
  • Can be expanded at any time 
  • Value-for-money cost structure because of tailor-made solutions
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Diagnosis / data logger
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