Train inauguration (automatic coupling)

The Train Communication Network (TCN) for coupled rail vehicles transmits data easily and conveniently between vehicles.

CAN-Powerline: the efficient alternative

  • Train inauguration
  • Monitoring of complete train information
  • Transmission of process and diagnostic data
  • Max. 360 m between two couplers at 125 kbps
  • Max. 16 CAN Powerline train bus couplers
  • Redundant operation

WTB train bus and CANopen vehicle bus: interoperability through standardisation

WTB train bus acc. to IEC 61375 standard


  • Train setup
  • Transmission distance of up to 860 m  
  • 32 train bus coupler in one network

The benefits to you

  • Individually networkable solutions
  • Flexibly combinable system component 
  • Provision of the current standards  
  • Qualified and certified 
  • Can be expanded at any time 
  • Value-for-money cost structure because of tailor-made solutions
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