The market demand for intelligent, multimodal transport solutions requires increased effort by rail vehicle manufacturers and operators to further automate and digitize their business.

Increasing productivity, reducing costs, improving availability through predictive maintenance are additional drivers for further automation and ubiquitous networking. To keep costs down, more and more standard communication solutions are needed.

Connectivity between IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) networks is increasing the attack surface and the risk of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. In fact, the number of cyberattacks on industrial control systems is rapidly increasing. Furthermore, procedures are becoming more and more legislated; for example, in the EU with the Directive on Security and Information Systems (NIS).

Selectron considers cyber security as an additional corporate core competency, using the International Electronic Commission standard – IEC 62443 – plus the NIS directive as its foundation, for implementing a cyber security concept that is able to address critical issues from a holistic point of view.

In order to implement cyber security measures for protecting your railway systems and business, considering our support is key if you find yourself in the following situations:

  • Your organization wants to increase productivity and reduce costs by implementing automated train operation
  • Your organization plans a transition to digital business models with ubiquitous networking (predictive maintenance, smart multimodal mobility solutions, etc.)
  • Your technology solutions increasingly rely on open standards (Ethernet, IP, LTE, 5G, Cloud, etc.)
  • Your organization is affected by new regulations and certifications (European Commission NIS Directive, etc.)
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Selectron offers you support in dealing with your railway cyber security challenges.
To enable the introduction of attractive transport solutions, Selectron endeavors to equip TCMS products and next‑generation solutions with cyber security built-in by design to comply with IEC 62443 standards – offering a set of secure TCMS solutions unique in the market.

Also, relevant services have been designed specifically for the railway sector with the intention of improving and increasing cyber security capabilities.
Selectron looks forward to becoming your ideal cyber security partner for secure TCMS solutions and cyber security services specializing in the railway sector. Our sales team is gladly at your disposal.

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