New brand, new web presence. Selectron presents itself in its most modern form.

Knorr-Bremse, the world market leader in braking systems and other systems for rail and commercial vehicles, is optimizing its uniform global image with a clear brand positioning - including a stronger visual integration of the brands and global subsidiaries into the Group family.


Tomislav Radjenovic Head of Strategic Marketing, CMO

Bernstrasse 70
3250 Lyss
Schweiz - Switzerland

"Knorr-Bremse is a market and innovation leader in many areas, has its sights set on the future, and since its IPO in 2018 has been even more in the spotlight than before," says Eva Seifert, Head of Marketing at Knorr-Bremse AG. "Against this backdrop, we harmonized the company's image to showcase the core and strength of the brand even better, both internally and externally. We also wanted all of the approximately 30,000 employees to feel part of an overall brand that offers systems solutions."

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