Machine control or temperature regulation, network or battery monitoring - measuring, regulating, switching. Relays do the work when rail vehicles perform switching operations countless times a second and across all vehicle subsystems. Selectron provides train manufacturers and rail operators with technology that has proven itself over decades.

Fast switching: Time relay

The minute light in the stairwell would be an example of a simple application of a time relay. In the rail sector, this might include the run-on of a fan in the air-conditioning system. Of course, in the operational life of a rail vehicle, the requirements are many times more complex. Innumerable functionalities need to be controlled safely and reliably.

Selectron brings decades of experience to the table. Starting with the development and production of simple time relays - through to multifunctional systems with external potentiometer and potential-free control contact. Housing designs are available for use in rail vehicles as well as those for control, plant and mechanical engineering. Furthermore, they are available for use in building installation technology.

Time relays are available in variants for DIN rail, panel mounting and 11-pin plug-in base. They can be supplied either by internal or external voltage. With its portfolio of time relays, Selectron is able to offer universal supply ranges for all application scenarios.

Safe switching: Overwatch relay

With their sensors, monitoring relays report when certain preset measured variables are exceeded or undershot. This includes voltage, current, temperature or fill level. In simple or multifunctional versions and supplied by measurement or external voltage, Selectron's monitoring relays cover the common 230/400 V AC or 240/415 V AC supply networks. Variants are available for DIN rail, panel mounting and with an 11-pin plug-in base.

Wear-free and silent: solid-state relays

Selectron solid-state relays are used wherever fast, wear-free and sometimes silent switching of high currents is required, for example: Temperature control of industrial heating, engine controlling or street lighting. The relays are available as PCB, screw or “DIN rail mounted” with or without integrated heat sink.


  • Decades of experience: With Selectron, vehicle manufacturers and rail operators benefit from relay technology that has proven itself over decades.
  • Variety of configurations: The greatest added value is generated by relays that are tailored to the specific requirements of the operator. This is precisely where the focus is at Selectron.
  • When reliability and robustness team up: As a recognized expert in the rail vehicle sector, Selectron is capable of designing its relays for the oftentimes harsh environmental conditions on the railways.

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