The digitization of the railways is moving at high speed. The flip side of the coin: The rapid pace of technological development makes rail vehicles vulnerable to cybercrime. All the more important is that you can rely on someone who keeps an eye on the big picture. Selectron is on the spot with forward-looking cybersecurity solutions for secure, digital vehicle communication.

Essential for the digitalization of rail transport: cybersecurity

The mobility of the future calls for new concepts. For intelligent transport solutions. For predictive maintenance. For automatic train operation. However, these concepts can only be implemented with the ever-present networking and (online) connectivity of rail vehicles. But the consequences also include security vulnerabilities with potentially serious consequences - from serious economic losses to endangering passenger safety.

In short, cybersecurity belongs to the elementary prerequisites of increasingly digitalized rail transport. To this end, Selectron combines safety-certified railway hardware with powerful cybersecurity functions plus customised services to create a holistic cybersecurity architecture. Not only does the company rely on first-class products, it also draws on the excellent experience of the Selectron team.


  • A holistic approach meets a sophisticated defence-in-depth strategy: Several coordinated layers of protection form an efficient shield against cyber threats for devices, network and data transmission.
  • Customised and modular solutions: Tailor-made and modular security-by-design products and solutions that meet the individual challenges of vehicle manufacturers and train operators.
  • Consistent strategy and zero-trust architecture throughout the entire Knorr-Bremse systems: The group-wide standardised security architecture on the basis of zero trust concepts offers the highest possible level of integrated and homogeneous end-to-end security.
  • One-stop shop for safety standards and regulations: With our products, you are not only well prepared with regard to IEC 62443, CENELEC WG26 and TS50701 - but also for the strict EU NIS Directive or EN50129:2019 requirements.
  • Dedicated products and services for both existing and new fleets: With the Threat Detection Solution (TDS), Security Gateways and Managed Rail SOC, we have marked the start of a stringent portfolio expansion with rail security products and solutions. Equip your systems with cyber security and cyber resilience - and grab the return on investment.
  • A strong team: Together with partners who are as strategic as they are highly qualified, our customers receive a seamless combination of rail, IT and infrastructure security expertise.

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Defence-in-Depth protection for maximum cyber resilience of your rail vehicles

Protecting trains from cyberattacks is a complex task. Selectron supports you with its pioneering Defense-in-Depth security concept consisting of several sophisticated protection layers, modular in design and optimized for different areas of application. If hackers crack one layer, the next and differently structured layer follows.

Selectron is there to help you seal security gaps before anyone even opens them. Conventional "security products" such as the Security Gateway (SGW) secure access. Security certificates and public key infrastructures (PKI) assign digital identities to devices or software. Like an early warning system, the Selectron Threat Detection Solution (TDS) detects anomalies in data traffic within the train network as well as in traffic to and from the vehicle manufacturer or operator. In combination, Selectron achieves what really matters: maximum security thanks to Cyber Security by Design.

Get cyber-risk-ready with our solutions

Selectron TDS (Threat Detection Solution)

Selectron's early warning system for railroads detects cyber threats and sounds the alarm in the event of danger - long before any damage occurs

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Security Gateway

Intermodal transport chains, automated rail operations and ever more comfort functions for passengers: Security gateways keep different Ethernet networks securely separate.

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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

The key to security: Identity & Access Control with Selectron & Knorr-Bremse's PKI solution. Strong authentication and data encryption for secure data exchange.

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Training & Consulting Services

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