Security Gateway for secure Ethernet network separation

The new Security Gateway is specifically designed to provide maximum security for your railroad networks. This device effectively separates up to 4 internal networks, providing unparalleled protection against potential threats. Combined with the latest Threat Detection Device, you can be confident that anomalies are detected early, and your valuable assets and data are safely separated with this Security Gateway. And one of the best things about it is that it simply grows with new software requirements.

Separation between networks ensures higher Cybersecurity in railway vehicles

Intermodal transport chains, increasingly automated train operations and digital business models on the one hand and more and more comfort functions on the other. The rail operation of the future makes it necessary to install multiple Ethernet networks within the same vehicle. For example: the TCMS network (Train Control & Management System) for vehicle control. Plus the comfort network, which passengers use to log into the vehicle WLAN or to receive the connection options at the next station on their mobile device.

Uncomplicated configuration

This requires functionality that separates such Ethernet networks not only logically, but also physically. Four integrated Gigabit or Fast Ethernet ports (depending on model) in the Security Gateway 901-TW form the basis for this separation - and thus for controlled and secure data access at all times. In addition, data communication runs exclusively for clearly defined data telegrams; the gateway filters out all others.

The Security Gateway is not only easy to configure but can also be updated to the latest software version at any time. From the rail operator's perspective, this means that the "901-TW" simply grows with the operator as requirements increase.


  • Fit for field use: Designed for harsh industrial and mobile applications in accordance with EN 50155 and rated for operating temperatures between -40 and +70 °C.
  • Simplified vehicle homologation: The secure data separation between vital data and comfort data makes it easier for manufacturers to obtain homologation for their new vehicles.
  • Wide range of applications: for onboard and trackside.

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