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The software development, testing and service tools help vehicle builders and train operators to significantly reduce their engineering, testing, integration and maintenance efforts for their TCMS.

Symphony Suite: Clearly structured tool for the Selectron MAS system

The Symphony Suite serves as a single point of entry to the Selectron tool landscape. The intuitive download tool combines all important information including software versions, product supplement sheets, system manuals, catalogs and quality documents in one centralized and clearly structured location - making them available to the user. This keeps the user informed about the latest Selectron products and always up to date.


  • The right tools when you need them: All relevant product data is quickly and easily accessible in the Symphony Suite.
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  • Dedicated tools for each project phase: CAP1131 and Maestro Designer for coding, SIM1131 for simulation, POUtest1131 for testing, and TOP1131 and WDLD1131 for commissioning and maintenance.
  • Symphony Suite:Behind this name hides the central entry point for your toolchain (technical documents, software downloads...). For access go to the Cockpit and download your version here.

Dedicated software tools for every phase of the project:


Offering programming in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard in the FB, SFC and ST languages, CAP1131 is the standard tool for Selectron's automation systems. Comprehensive, convenient user libraries (ULib) significantly increase the efficiency of all automation tasks. In addition, CAP1131 offers the option of configuring and parameterizing hardware, defining communication parameters, online monitoring plus online change during commissioning. Configuration and parameterization of the hardware is done with just a few clicks through the hardware configurator. The separately available ULib speeds up the design of standard tasks enormously.

Maestro Designer

The Maestro Designer® programming tool programs the Selectron HMIs conveniently in a graphical interface. In addition to images and texts, freely configurable, dynamic elements such as bar graphs or tachometers can also be used. Railway application-relevant functions, such as trend analysis, alarms, day/night switching or voice switching are also included. An application designed by Maestro Designer® can be directly displayed and tested in simulation mode on the user's computer. Hardware and tooling are suitable for safe applications up to SIL 2. A graphical design and programming tool is available to the user for this purpose.

There is no need for professional programming know-how – instead, the focus is on creating typical railway technology applications and adapting them to project-specific customer needs. The path to this leads through a graphic design tool with numerous integrated widgets. They include functionalities specifically required for railway applications, such as ETCS, tachometer, diagnostics or video surveillance. The visualizations can be resized, rotated, mirrored, as well as specific sections can be selected with just a few clicks. The common widgets known from desktop applications (buttons, sliders, labels, qualified image-frames, etc.) feature in the tool as well.


SIM1131 offers users the option of virtually simulating their CAP1131 application. With the SIM1131 software, short smoke tests or comprehensive module tests (e.g., with POUtest1131) can be performed without any additional hardware.


POUtest1131 was designed for the automatic testing of CAP1131 POUs (Program Organizational Unit) and applications. Its main objectives consist of automatic testing of IEC 61131-3 code modules and applications to generate test reports for standards-compliant documentation and to detect and avoid regressions at an early stage.


TOP1131 allows the user to centrally perform management tasks for Selectron MAS controllers in one single network. Some of this tool's core functions are the visual representation of the network topology, an automatic batch update of controllers and the data logger functionality to support the user during design, testing and commissioning.


The tool offers easy and comfortable setting of system parameters (e.g., communication parameters, setting of date and time). Upgrading firmware and applications is straightforward to offer significant advantages during vehicle commissioning.

Selectron Advanced Network Designer (SAND)

Design and configuration of your network has never been as simple as with the Selectron Advanced Network Designer (SAND). SAND is an advanced graphical application for multi-platforms that helps customers design, configure and operate their Ethernet Train Consist network. And it does all this in an organic and coherent way using network devices from Selectron Systems AG. Find out more White Paper


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