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By combining forces, you can achieve more and reach your goal faster. At Selectron, you can obtain the entire range of solutions from Train Control & Management Systems (TCMS), cybersecurity and communication technology, optimally tailored to your very individual application scenario - from a single source. It's the helping hand of a proven specialist.

TCMS: Strong solutions

Individual requirements need individual solutions. That is why there is no one Train Control & Management System (TCMS) for controlling trains and their subsystems. The demand must be: The optimal TCMS, because it is tailored to the very specific requirements of the automated rail vehicle.

Progressive digitization connects individual participants, both within the vehicle (TCMS, passenger information systems, passengers) and, above all, also with the outside world (rail vehicles, smart data, cloud systems). This networking means that trains are no longer closed systems. What's more, the vehicles are becoming the central part of a much more extensive overall system, but this creates security vulnerabilities with potentially serious consequences. Well thought-out solutions for cybersecurity are in demand - at Selectron, you can get them from proven specialists.

Cybersecurity: One of Selectron's core competencies

Protecting rail vehicles and their numerous subsystems effectively against cyberattacks is a complex task. Selectron meets this challenge with a no-less-complex defense-in-depth concept. It starts with primary defense measures, such as identity and access control, extends to security certificates and public key infrastructures (PKI) and continues further with the rail-specific early warning system Threat Detection Solution (TDS). With its expertise in governance, risk management and compliance, Selectron acts as a global cybersecurity competence center for all Knorr-Bremse AG rail companies.

Communication is what counts

Initially used mainly for passenger comfort functions, Ethernet technology has long since become the standard in train control systems as well. The result is increased demands on communication performance - both in terms of bandwidth and the management of the communication itself. Extremely precise control of the networks is becoming indispensable.

Selectron is meeting this demand with a new generation of Ethernet routers, Ethernet-managed switches, a new converter family, communication cards and relays.

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