The latest generation of controllers, the CPU 94x, integrates several independent PLC controllers in one unit. This way, safety-relevant and non-safety-relevant applications are combined in one device. With high computing power, optimization for Ethernet communication and a consistent security-by-design approach, the controller is ideally equipped for future TCMS architectures.

Powerful processor for future challenges in the rail sector

Anyone wishing to meet future challenges in the rail sector efficiently and innovatively has to rely on optimized development and maintenance processes as well as on homologation procedures that are as uncomplicated as possible. For this reason, it was precisely these requirements that formed the focus of the design of the new CPU 94x (Central Processing Unit) Selectron controller generation.

Equipped with a powerful processor and hypervisor operating system, it offers up to three independent virtual controllers. This allows the separation of safety-relevant and non-safety-relevant applications in one unit - simplifying TCMS architectures and vehicle approvals enormously.

Optimized for Ethernet applications with a safety and security perspective

With the three Gbit/s Ethernet ports of the "94x", you can flexibly link the device to the virtual controllers and easily integrate it into a ring structure. Each of the virtual controllers now has its own physical address. Thus, the networks are technically separated from each other and are recognized as single controllers. In terms of hardware, the CPU 94x already has various security accelerators, "secure boot" functionality and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Furthermore, the CPU is developed according to IEC 62443-4-2 Security Level 2 (SL2).

Selectron designed the entire software architecture in a way that the individual virtual controllers act independently of each other, also from a safety and security perspective and thus offer maximum protection for people and systems.


  • Virtual control concept: Applications running parallel to each other and retroactive allow you to implement standard and security functions separately from project-specific adaptations on a second virtual controller.
  • High-performance and flexible: Parallel operation of different MOS versions (MAS Operating System) and the possibility to apply security patches without loss of approval: With the "94x", you operate a permanently maintainable and future-proof system.
  • Security by Design: Security by Design and Defense in Depth (according to IEC 62443-4-2 Security Level 2 (SL2)) offers you reliable protection against data manipulation.
  • Highest safety standards: This virtual CPU clearly separates safety-relevant and non-safety-relevant applications. The safety version of this controller (SCPU) has SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) certification according to EN 50129: 2018.

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Flyer High Performance Control Unit vPLC 94x up to SIL 4
[PDF, 557.8 KB]

Flexibly extendable

Via the back panel bus, the CPU 94x is expandable with a SIL 4 computing module (SPUT 941-TW). The decentralized SIL 4 remote I/O nodes - SRIO 941-TF and SRIO 942-TF - are also available. Thanks to the slot for memory cards, you can easily store larger amounts of data locally on the controller.


The next generation of Selectron controller - Powerful. Safe. Flexible.

SIL 4 extension

The PLC can be extended with the SIL 4 computing module SPUT 941-TW via the backplane bus.

Decentralized SIL 4 remote I/O nodes

The decentralized SRIO 941-TF and SRIO 942-TF take on the role of SIL 4 remote I/O nodes.

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