To act is better than to react. That's why the Selectron Threat Detection Solution (TDS) works like an early warning system: It detects anomalies in data traffic within the train networks and to and from the vehicle manufacturer or operator - long before anyone can cause any damage.

Always ready to defend with the sophisticated Threat Detection Solution concept

For cybersecurity, it is impossible to achieve 100% security - that's the bad news; however, the good news is that Selectron comes very close. This is thanks to the Threat Detection Solution (TDS). With this solution, Selectron is transferring well-known intrusion detection systems (IDS) functionalities from the office IT and automotive sectors to the world of rail vehicles.

Behind the TDS is a specific attack detection system for the rail industry. Comparable to an alarm system, it detects suspicious anomalies in network traffic in real time. This is because serious attacks in particular always build up over a longer period of time. If the TDS detects a potential attack, rail operators receive a warning immediately. They can initiate countermeasures in the early attack phase and proactively prevent damage.

Individual cybersecurity solutions for individual rail operators

Scalable and available in two versions, TDS can be seamlessly adapted to the individual needs of rail operators. In the basic solution, sensor hardware is connected directly to the vehicle bus. As a completely passive device, the basic TDS can be installed in new vehicles, as well as easily retrofitted into older fleets.

In the advanced version, a cloud-based machine learning model monitors data traffic for anomalies. Messages are sent directly to the operator's Security Operations Center (SOC) or a SOC service provided by Selectron. Whether a basic or complete solution: TDS always works on certified railroad hardware and covers a wide range of railway-specific protocols.


  • Compliance: The only solution to improve safety without having to touch other devices and a supporting measure to meet the safety requirements of EN50129:2019.
  • Easy implementation in new and old fleets: its modular and scalable concept enables both optimal integration in new fleets and cost-effective retrofitting of existing fleets.
  • Defense-in-depth protection: Defense-in-depth protection in combination with other Selectron cybersecurity solutions.

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