A world record for the Rhaetian Railway and for Switzerland - and perhaps this also shows new possibilities?

We are proud that Selectron's know-how has been on-board in our products...


Tomislav Radjenovic Head of Strategic Marketing, CMO

Bernstrasse 70
3250 Lyss
Schweiz - Switzerland


On October 29, 2022, RhB ran 25 four-car Capricorn multiple units from leading Swiss manufacturer Stadler along the 24,930-meter section of the Albula line from Preda to Alvaneu.

The record-breaking train had a length of incredible 1.9 km.

A particular technical challenge was to ensure train communication over a length of 1,906 meters. This enables communication between the higher-level train control system and subsystems such as drives, brakes, doors, air-conditioning systems, lighting or wet rooms, and links them to the higher-level vehicle control system.

The Train Control and Management System (TCMS) from Selectron Systems meets these requirements and was successfully used in all 25 trains during the record-breaking run.

With over 2,900 tons and a height difference of 789.4 meters (Preda = 1788.7 m above sea level; Alvaneu = 999.3 m above sea level), the reliability of the braking systems is another challenge.

Selectron was also involved in this area with the WSP800 wheel slide protection system and contributed to the safe and successful journey.

An exciting task from many points of view - read more: Press Release Rhaetian Railway

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